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Police: Officer arrested nurse after being told to let it go

Police: Officer arrested nurse after being told to let it goSALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A Utah police officer whose rough arrest of a hospital nurse has drawn condemnation put the woman in handcuffs even after investigators told him not to worry about getting a blood sample he was seeking from a patient, the chief whose department asked for it said Friday.

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Florida Publix bakeries are selling Hurricane Irma cakes and the internet is divided

Florida Publix bakeries are selling Hurricane Irma cakes and the internet is dividedIn extremely Florida news, several outposts of the grocery store chain Public are selling hurricane-themed cakes (why aren't they called Hurri-cakes?) as Hurricane Irma nears the state's coast. The internet, of course, is divided. Some people think the cakes are a classic bit of Floridian gallows humor. Others actually appreciate the message — one cake, after all, says "Go Away, Irma."  Plus, who couldn't use a tasty slice of fondant-engulfed cake during a trying time? SEE ALSO: People are cheering on a heroic palm tree that stands defiant as Hurricane Irma rages Governor: Escape this hurricane and evacuate Florida immediatelyPublix: we made cakes pic.twitter.com/JimEqxEpDu — ThingsFloridiansLike (@Things4FLppl) September 7, 2017 Someone get me one of those hurricane cakes from publix — Tatianna Lopez (@tatianna_lo) September 8, 2017 I want one of those hurricane Irma cakes from publix so bad! — Kalene  (@SiriuslyKalene) September 8, 2017 publix is really out here making hurricane cakes pic.twitter.com/qXAmZrsvsE — kathryn (@stylesangelus) September 8, 2017 Others, however, worry that the cakes are trivializing a deadly storm that has already taken numerous lives.  "Might be OK if it wasn't a [Category 4] storm that will kill people," one person tweeted. Publix probably doesn't have water but don't worry they have hurricane cakes — killa (@Kaylerrr_) September 8, 2017 Oh yeah idk if you know but I work at Publix as a side hustle..they were making all types of hurricane cakes last time I went and I was like pic.twitter.com/M0K1ywoRlS — Viserion  (@Marq_Antony) September 8, 2017 Still, it seems that most Floridian tweeters are okay with the cakes. A lot of people seem to be buying them — some have even lamented that they couldn't find one at their nearest Publix. Update: went and got my own cake 路‍♀️ #publix #hurricaneirma pic.twitter.com/XzIynfOyd1 — Kelly Rae Shook (@earthto_kshook) September 8, 2017 That swirly icing art is pretty impressive. WATCH: Hurricane Irma is the most powerful storm to slam the Atlantic Ocean. Here's what you need to know.

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U.S. Navy moving aircraft carrier for Hurricane Irma relief

The U.S. Navy said on Friday that it was moving the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln and other ships into position to provide humanitarian relief from Hurricane Irma if needed. The Abraham Lincoln, along with the amphibious assault ship Iwo Jima and t...

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Florida gun owners encouraged to 'shoot the storm' and fire their guns at Hurricane Irma

Florida gun owners encouraged to 'shoot the storm' and fire their guns at Hurricane IrmaA Florida man who suggested shooting guns at Hurricane Irma out of "stress and boredom" has found that his idea has captured peoples' imaginations - with over 46,000 signing up to join in. Hurricane Irma is due to hit Florida on Saturday, and the state is currently experiencing the largest ever mass evacuation due to a hurricane in American history. But Ryon Edwards, 22, came up with a novel way of amusing himself during the storm: firing bullets into it. He started a Facebook "event", and as of Friday evening 46,000 people say they are interested. "A combination of stress and boredom made me start the event," he told the BBC. "The response is a complete and total surprise to me. "I never envisioned this event becoming some kind of crazy idea larger than myself. It has become something a little out of my control." The "Shoot at Irma" page Graphics suggesting how to shoot at a hurricane have sprung up online, with the suggestion that if you fire correctly the bullet might not come back and kill you. Since Mr Edwards came up with his "masterplan", other similar Facebook pages have been created  - including one suggesting using flame throwers to scare away the storm. "It's time we took a stand against this bully!" reads the event description. "This is our home, nobody drives us out of our own territory. "Join me in this fight as we shoot flames at Hurricane Irma and dissipate her on the spot."

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Dutch soldiers deployed against St Martin looting in wake of Hurricane Irma

Dutch soldiers deployed against St Martin looting in wake of Hurricane IrmaDutch troops were fanning out across part of the hurricane-hit island of St Martin on Friday as shots were heard and officials admitted there had been some looting. "The situation is serious," Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said when asked about looting, adding authorities were being hampered in their efforts to deal with it as communications were cut off when Hurricane Irma roared through on Wednesday. Shots had been heard on the island, a top marine official revealed, but said it was unclear where they had come from. Hurricane Irma makes landfall in the Caribbean, in pictures "Shots have been fired, but not in a structured fashion," Major General Richard Oppelaar, the commander of the Marine Corps, told reporters in The Hague. "I can't deny there are some weapons around," he said, adding in some areas the situation remained "grim" and the atmosphere was tense. "The supermarkets are empty, so people are out searching," Oppelaar said, adding in principle security was under control with soldiers trying "to be as visible" as possible. Hurricane Irma: shocking devastation caught on camera 01:31 About 200 Dutch soldiers have now arrived on the island, which is divided between France and The Netherlands, to help deliver aid and restore order, he added. The badly damaged airport and port have now "been opened for military purposes," Rutte told reporters, adding "we are doing everything possible to get aid to the area." He said food, water and security were the priorities on the island, known in Dutch as Sint Maarten. "There are people on the streets armed with revolvers and machetes," one witness told the Dutch daily newspaper AD on Friday. Hurricane Irma | Key articles "The situation is very serious. No one is in charge." "We will not abandon Sint Maarten," Rutte vowed, adding officials were also sending medicines, tents, tarpaulins, building materials and hygiene kits as fast as possible to the Caribbean. "The military has two tasks after arriving there. Firstly to ensure that there is food and water, but also to ensure security," Rutte said. British soldiers board a Royal Air Force C-17 Globemaster III aircraft at Brize Norton, Oxfordshire, before they are flown to help out in the areas affected by Hurricane Irma as winds of up to 175mph left death and destruction in the Atlantic Credit: PA Dutch officials have confirmed that two people were killed, and 43 wounded, 11 of them seriously, on the Dutch part of St Martin by the Category Five storm, before it was downgraded Friday to a four as it barrelled towards Cuba and Florida. King Willem-Alexander is to visit Curacao on Sunday from where the Dutch aid operation is being coordinated, and may then travel on to Sint Maarten. A fund launched by the Dutch Red Cross in the hours after the storm pummelled the island as already raised some 850,000 euros for the Dutch territory. Hurricane Irma | Advice for travellers  

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