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Woman stabs 5 – including newborns – at New York nursery

NEW YORK (AP) — A woman stabbed five people — including three newborn babies — and then slashed her wrist early Friday inside a New York City home that was apparently being used as an unlicensed neighborhood nursery for new mothers and their children, ...

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Duke shuts natgas plant due to Florence floods, coal ash leak feared

Duke also said it cannot rule out the possibility that coal ash from another plant is flowing into nearby waters. Water breached the cooling lake dam at Duke's 625-megawatt natural gas L.V. Sutton plant, causing the company to shut the plant. Site pe...

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Father, Son Killed in Small Plane Crash

Authorities in Missouri say the pilot of a small plane that crashed near Festus Memorial Airport early Friday morning had reported electrical failure and had asked his fiancee via text message to stand at the runway with a flashlight.

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May faces new Brexit resistance in Northern Ireland

British Prime Minister Theresa May's renewed pledge to deliver Brexit without dividing the UK was met with contradictory ultimatums Friday from Northern Ireland's unionist and nationalist parties. May returned from a bruising EU summit in Salzburg to ...

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'Hotep' — community action in East New York

East New York, a residential neighborhood in the eastern section of Brooklyn, has battled poverty since the 1950s. In April 2018, I began documenting grassroots community action in response to the social problems associated with poverty — from street ...

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This job pays $50 an hour to smoke weed, but you have to be an obnoxious stoner

This job pays $50 an hour to smoke weed, but you have to be an obnoxious stonerWho knew that being That Annoying Guy at parties could pay off? If you have a tendency to interrupt conversations with "Well, actually," question the percentage of THC when offered a hit of a vape, or snottily discuss strains when everyone else is just trying to chill out, then this gig might be perfect for you! SEE ALSO: Canada just legalized weed, and it's looking better every day With Canada's recent legalization of recreational marijuana, cannabis company A Higher Level Of Thought (AHLOT) is scouting "expert-level connoisseurs" for its Cannabis Curation Committee. Input and notes from connoisseurs will be used to curate a "sample pack" of weed — basically a prepackaged flight of premium strains for customers to try out at home.  The position pays $50 per hour for a maximum 12 hours a month to report on the "visual, factory, and tactile examination of samples." Plus, your bud and related expenses are covered. A connoisseur will also contribute to social media posts and appear in video segments.  But you can't just enjoy smoking weed, you have to be pretty knowledgable to land this job.  Being a member of the Cannabis Curation Committee requires more than just knowing how to roll a joint or being able to differentiate between an indica or a sativa. To apply, curators must fill out a detailed questionnaire that asks what a trichome is, tests the applicant on the "ideal temperature to vaporize and evaluate terpenoid profile," and requires a personal statement. Oh, and you have to live in Canada. If you're bursting with weed-themed fun facts and your friends need a break from you, apply to be a curator! Study up — the deadline is Oct. 17.  WATCH: This device can charge your phone with wind or water

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Gavin Williamson commits extra British troops in Ukraine to stop Russia 'reversing Cold War outcome'

Only a month ago, a Ukrainian soldier was killed by sniper fire at the spot where Gavin Williamson, the Defence Secretary, is now standing. This is the front line of the West’s new war with Russia. Two hundred yards away, Russian-backed separatists are...

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