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Diplomats struggle to hide their anger at Donald Trump's UN speech

Diplomats struggle to hide their anger at Donald Trump's UN speechDonald Trump’s provocative address to the UN General Assembly had ambassadors squirming in their seats as the US President refused to hold back on attacking America’s enemies. Mr Trump went on a rambling crusade against a number of states, including North Korea, Iran and Venezuela - prompting awkward responses from delegates. North Korea’s UN ambassador walked out before Mr Trump arrived, leaving a more junior diplomat to represent the country.

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Ex-tennis star Blake testifies about his mistaken arrest

Ex-tennis star Blake testifies about his mistaken arrestNEW YORK (AP) — Former pro tennis star James Blake testified on Tuesday that a plainclothes police officer never identified himself before throwing him to the ground and handcuffing him outside in 2015 outside his Manhattan hotel.

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German First World War submarine wreck discovered with 23 crewmen still onboard

German First World War submarine wreck discovered with 23 crewmen still onboardA German First World War U-boat has been found off the Belgian coast almost totally intact and with the bodies of all 23 sailors onboard. The U-Boat II was found lying on its starboard side at the bottom of the North Sea at a depth of 27 metres, close to the coastal resort of Ostend. At this stage, it is unclear whether the submarine was sunk by a mine, a British ship or a British plane. The find is the best preserved of its kind in the North Sea. Its exact location is being kept secret to discourage trophy hunters. Although a part of the submarine’s bow is missing, the torpedoes remain in place. The submarine hatches are closed, which indicates that the vessel has never been discovered before and that the crew of 22 sailors and one commander have remained onboard for about 100 years. Belgian authorities have informed the German ambassador and processes to identify the men and to protect the discovery have begun. The find, which came after underwater scans suggested there could be a wreck in Belgian waters, was confirmed today by the governor of West Flanders. The well-preserved wreck of a World War One German submarine.   Credit: Yves Herman /Reuters During the First World War, the German fleet in Flanders numbered 19 submarines. 15 of them sank, 11 of them in the North Sea.  Between 1915 and 1916 30 similar models to the wreck were made. Images of the wreck are not clear enough to give the number of the U-Boot. The Het Laatste Niews newspaper reported it could be U-Boot 27, 29 or 32. All three were sank in 1916 and 1917 by British ships and by a British plane. The most promising theory is that the submarine hit a mine tethered to the bottom of the sea by a cable. The wreck is 27 metres long and six metres wide. The U-Boot II model was a bigger, improved version of the type I U-Boot. The 270-ton submarine could dive to a maximum of 50 metres and disappear under the waves in 30 to 45 seconds. Compared to the earlier model, it had more electrical power and batteries that allowed it to stay submerged for longer. Bodies of soldiers from the First World War are still being discovered in Belgium on the battlefields of Flanders.  In 2013 archaelogists examined a German U-Boot II submarine, which had washed up on the Kent coast.  

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Turkey warns of global conflict if Iraq or Syria break up

Turkey escalated its opposition to a Kurdish independence referendum in northern Iraq on Tuesday, training tank guns and rocket launchers across the southern border and saying the break-up of its neighbors could lead to global conflict. Defense Minist...

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North Korea: UN head tells Trump and Kim Jong-un 'We must not sleepwalk our way into nuclear war'

North Korea: UN head tells Trump and Kim Jong-un 'We must not sleepwalk our way into nuclear war'In the opening address to the 2017 UN General Assembly, Secretary General Antonio Guterres said that fiery talk could lead to “fatal misunderstandings”. Speaking as tension between North Korea and the West continues to grow following Pyongyang’s sharp escalation of its testing of intercontinental missiles and nuclear payloads and sabre-rattling from the US, Mr Guterres said “when tensions rise so does chance of miscalculation”. Mr Guterres spoke shortly before Mr Trump was to give his inaugural address to the body he frequently disparaged while on the election campaign trail.

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