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Indian journalist condemns Twitter for blocking account after abuse online

Dutt said some people had posted and circulated her phone number on Twitter, enabling the harassment, which she said included threats of rape and images of genitalia being sent to her phone. Dutt tweeted some of the threats and images on Monday, and s...

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Trump pleads with Venezuela's military to back Guaido

Trump pleads with Venezuela's military to back GuaidoMIAMI (AP) — President Donald Trump on Monday pleaded with Venezuela's military to support opposition leader Juan Guaido and issued a dire warning if they continue to stand with President Nicolas Maduro's government.

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N Carolina elections head says ballots handled illegally

N Carolina elections head says ballots handled illegallyRALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — A Republican operative conducted an illegal and well-funded ballot-harvesting operation, North Carolina's elections director said Monday, but the first session of a days-long hearing produced scant evidence that the GOP congressional candidate he worked for knew about it or even benefited.

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Russia's RT fumes after Facebook blocks 'wildly popular' page

Facebook has blocked a popular page run by Russian state TV channel RT, the channel's editor said Monday, criticising the move as an attack on media rights. The project was wildly popular -- 2.5 billion views and four million subscribers on Facebook a...

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Venezuela expels Europe lawmakers as aid showdown intensifies

Venezuela has expelled five visiting European lawmakers, an act opposition leader Juan Guaido branded "irrational" as his showdown with President Nicolas Maduro over the arrival of international aid intensifies. The members of the European Parliament ...

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