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US shuts border post as migrants try to cross from Mexico: official

US officials closed a border crossing in southern California on Sunday after hundreds of migrants tried to breach a fence from the Mexican city of Tijuana, US authorities announced. The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) office in San Diego, Calif...

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Large Asteroid Packing 50 Megatons Of Force Might Come Crashing Down On Earth In 2023 — And That’s Not All

A large asteroid could be headed toward us in the near future — barreling through space on a risk trajectory that might cause it to collide with Earth. The news comes from the Express, which cites NASA sources revealing that the space rock could end u...

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Elon Musk Says There Is A 70 Percent Chance He’ll Visit Mars And Dismisses ‘Escape Hatch’ Suggestion

The prospect of colonizing Mars is one which continues to inch forward with the passing of time, and in the final episode of Axios’ four-part documentary series, which is due to be aired on Sunday evening on HBO, Elon Musk has stated that there is a 70...

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Pro-China Party's Big Win in Taiwan Puts Tsai Future in Doubt

The scale of the defeat was far greater than forecast, with the DPP losing seven cities and counties of the 13 they held -- including its traditional bastions of Kaohsiung and Yilan. Now with just 14 months to go until the presidential election in Jan...

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Black Friday Beginning To Merge With Cyber Monday, According To New Data

Amid reports of relatively sparse crowds in many retail outlets on Black Friday, the venerated kickoff to the holiday shopping season still remains the king for U.S. retail profits, thanks to a strong performance in online sales. Black Friday saw a 13...

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15 best hangover helpers to give your drinking buddy

15 best hangover helpers to give your drinking buddyEven the best of us have experienced a night of drinking that we regretted the next morning. The awful feeling of being hungover is something that you have to suffer through, but there are things out there that can help. So if you're looking to build the perfect hangover kit for your buddy, definitely take a look at a couple of these necessary items. Who knows? Maybe you might want to grab some of these things for yourself too. 1. Gatorade Image: gatorade / amazonHydrates and restore electrolytes with a small jug of gatorade. This miracle drink will help get your hungover buddy off their feet and feeling a little more energized to get to the bathroom in time to puke. Price: $12.99 on Amazon 2. Fancy CBD gumdrops Image: lord jonesSure, the price for a package of nine Lord Jones CBD Gumdrops is high, but with 20mg of CBD in each gumdrop you're bound to feel better. Price: $60 on Lord Jones 3. Advil Image: advil / amazonA hangover headache is easily one of the worst feelings in the world. The non-stop pounding doesn't seem to go away no matter how much rest you get. At least Advil exists  to help ease it a little. Price: $13.94 on Amazon 4. A heating pad Image: Scentsibledesigns/etsyA microwaveable heating pad is perfect for anyone who finds their muscles sore after a night of heavy drinking, or someone prone to migraines. Scentsible Designs' rice-filled heat wraps are easy to use all over your body and you can opt to make them scented or unscented. Price: $15 on Etsy 5. A relevant sleep mask Image: The sleep cottage / amazonSome people prefer to sleep a hangover off, and you can help them do this by getting them a proper sleep mask.  Price: $14 on Amazon 6. Advanced Care Pedialyte  Image: pedialyte advanced care/amazonAs awful as Pedialyte tastes it is unfortunately a necessary evil when it comes to combating a hangover. By giving someone a big bottle (or two) of Pedialyte Advanced Care you're providing them with intense hydration and an easier recovery. Price: $23.96 on Amazon 7. A complete breakfast Image: SOPA Images / Getty imagesGiving your friend a free meal after a night of hard drinking is easily one of the best things you could ever do for them. Only get them a full meal if they can stomach it.  8. Icepack Image: djo / amazonDid your friend accidentally trip and fall last night, and woke up the next day with aching pain somewhere on their body? Getting them an ice pack will definitely come in handy, whether that pain be from a minor drunken injury, or a hangover headache that just won't quit. Price: $9.57 on Amazon 9. Coconut water Image: Vita coco/amazonGet your pal a 12-pack of Vita Coco's organic coconut water for a big boost of potassium, electrolytes, and anti-oxidants sure to expedite anyone's hangover recuperation.  Price: $18.99 on Amazon 10. Alka-Seltzer Image: alka seltzer / amazonStomach pains can be the bane of anyone's existence, especially for those suffering from a hangover that just won't quit. Settle your buddy's stomach by getting them some Alka-Seltzer to relive any and all nausea and save them several trips to the bathroom.   Price: $7.98 on Amazon 11. Hangover prevention supplements Image: hangover heaven/amazonHangover Heaven is a highly-rated hangover prevention supplement meant to curb whatever hangover you might have after a late night out. Of course, these won't really help you once you're in the throughs of a hangover, but at least you'll have them for next time! Price: $34.99 on Amazon 12. Netflix Gift Card Image: netflix  / amazonEveryone loves Netflix, and sometimes it's the only way to get through a bad hangover.  Price: $30 on Amazon 13. Calming rain music Image: ryan jud/amazonAmbient rain music isn't the most desired for, well, anyone probably, but if you're in the midst of a painful hangover headache, soothing music can help relax and calm you. It may even lull you into a much needed nap. Price: $9.49 on Amazon 14. An IV Hangover Therapy session Image: hangover clubBook your friend an appointment at the Hangover Club to get an IV drip full of all the nutrients they need to stop their hangover dead in its tracks. Seriously.  Or, if you're feeling extra generous, have the IV drip sent straight to their home.  Price: $119 and up at the Hangover Club 15. Seamless gift card Image: seamlessThe last thing anyone wants to do when they're hungover is leave their bed, let alone cook for themselves. So, why not give your hangover-prone friend a Seamless gift card? They'll be able to restore and fortify themselves with good food, so they'll live to rage once again!  Price: Up to you on Seamless! WATCH: A 'hangover cure' from a former Tesla employee could save your morning after

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How does NASA's InSight compare to Hollywood's The Martian?

How does NASA's InSight compare to Hollywood's The Martian?After a journey spanning a mere 300 million miles and taking over six months, NASA's InSight will land on Mars' surface. The Red Planet probe is a joint US-European mission and has been £1 billion in the making.  If the landing all goes to plan, InSight will complete a two year (or one Mars year) mission to gather data about our planetary neighbour.  NASA's 2012 probe, Curiosity, was tasked with a scouting mission while InSight's focus will be to learn what goes on under Mars' surface taking the planet's temperature, and measuring marsquakes. Life on Mars has long been a topic of fascination in Hollywood, most recently with Mark Watney growing potatoes in a tent. But in reality how will InSight's mission compare to Ridley Scott's The Martian starring Matt Damon? Professor Tom Pike from Imperial College London is part of the Mars InSight team which designed sensors to detect marsquakes. He hopes to pick up tremors on InSight's mission that will build a picture of Mars' interior and tell us more about how the planet formed.  He spoke to us about InSight's mission and The Martian, and helped us distinguish fact from fiction.   

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