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This Is What A Serious Gun Violence Policy Would Look Like

A serious debate over gun policy is underway in the aftermath of last week’s massacre in Florida, and one focus is the federal background check system ― a system that has existed for 20 years but which, by almost all accounts, isn’t doing enough to det...

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Execution abandoned after death row prisoner 'repeatedly jabbed' by officials doing lethal injection

An attempted execution in Alabama was halted after medical personnel repeatedly jabbed the death row inmate in the ankles, lower legs and groin but failed to find a usable vein, according to a court filing by his lawyer. The dramatic night began with ...

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How to Avoid Vacation Rental Nightmares

Staying in a vacation rental can be riskier than staying in a hotel, which is part of the heavily regulated hospitality industry. “Most of the places you go, you’re going to be fine,” says Rob Wa...

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Yes, Russia Likely Did Swing Votes For Donald Trump

WASHINGTON ― As John Bentley waited in line to see President Barack Obama campaign for Hillary Clinton just days before the 2016 election, he worried that he’d been unable to persuade his son to cast a ballot for Clinton, too.

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Philippine Catholics protest bill to legalise divorce

Around 2,000 Roman Catholic Filipinos protested in Manila on Saturday against a push to legalise divorce, with church groups also using the "Walk for Life" march to slam President Rodrigo Duterte's deadly drugs war. The pre-dawn protest was organised ...

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